Who cares if U.S. players want to let off steam?

Rio residents help teach you some Portuguese so you can fit right in as a “carioca” – or Rio local.

RIO DE JANEIRO — As dawn broke on the first full day of competition at the Olympic Games, the morning narrative was all about honest, athletic effort and the upholding of the event’s time-honored ideals.

And…of three members of Team USA basketball reportedly winding up in a high-end Copacabana brothel and winding up on the delightful pages of TMZ.

It was all an accident apparently, a giant misunderstanding, which surely makes it all OK even if it wasn’t to begin with. TMZ certainly seemed willing to give DeMar DeRozan, DeMarcus Cousins and DeAndre Jordan a get-out clause, whether they wanted one or not.

The site rather comically quoted a “source” that insisted the players left as soon as they realized it wasn’t a “male spa” as advertised. Er, while posting photos of Jordan standing against a fully stocked bar and Cousins with a woman snuggling up to him.

What Team USA is learning quickly is…

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