Week 2 shows folly in drawing early NFL conclusions

Published 2:24 a.m. ET Sept. 18, 2017

NEW YORK (AP) — Whether you had already anointed or condemned, Week 2 of the NFL season should have put the brakes on such actions.

Exhibit No. 1: New England.

Exhibit No. 2: Dallas.

Exhibit No. 3: Jacksonville .

Exhibit No. 4: Tennessee.

And don’t forget the Redskins and Rams. Or the Bills and Vikings.

OK, we’ll give Minnesota a break because starting quarterback Sam Bradford’s knee was too sore for him to suit up at Pittsburgh. A better judgment of the Vikes can be made when Bradford is behind center rather than Case Keenum.

The NFL schedule might be short compared to other pro sports, placing an extra emphasis on each result. But to push the panic button or start planning playoff trips after opening week is foolhardy.

This weekend displayed that for many teams.

Let’s begin with the Patriots and Cowboys, who headed in opposite directions Sunday.

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