T-Mac 'highly disappointed' with Durant's decision

Tracy McGrady made headlines during the season when he said Steph Curry’s unanimous MVP was a product of a watered-down NBA. He’s back at it with criticism of the NBA’s most-talked about offseason signing: Kevin Durant.

McGrady wasn’t happy with Durant’s move to Golden State and questioned his reasoning as a competitor.

The seven-time All-Star said in an interview with Complex:

I was disappointed in the move to Golden State. I wasn’t disappointed that he left, I mean he’s a free agent, he’s able to go wherever he wants. But I just think having a team now coming off a championship run and you have the champs down 3-1, and they come back and defeat you. I just think as a competitor, you would come back and try to dethrone them with the same team.

He went on:

You’re playing with a top-five point guard in Russell Westbrook. I mean to me, I think OKC is a championship-caliber team. They displayed that; they just had a major collapse in the Western Conference Finals against Golden State. But I was highly disappointed that he chose Golden State to go and play for the other team. I wanted him to stay in OKC.

McGrady added that “superteams” are awful for the…

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