Rape accuser's attorney: Derrick Rose said he doesn't understand consent

The attorneys for plaintiff Jane Doe, who has alleged in a civil lawsuit that New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose and two of his friends raped her, hammered the point that Rose said in a deposition he did not understand the meaning of consent.

The attorneys — Waukeen McCoy and Brandon Anand — made that claim during a 90-minute teleconference in which Jane Doe also talked about the alleged rape and her desire for anonymity during the trial, which is set to begin Oct. 4 and last approximately eight days.

“When asked at his deposition, Mr. Rose did indeed not have any answer as to what consent means, and we believe that the record very clearly shows that he and his friends are sexual deviants who essentially decided they would have sex with the plaintiff no matter what,” Anand said. “His friends may have pushed this issue, but all three certainly knew that she was severely intoxicated, she could not consent and she would have never consented.”

Near the end of the teleconference, McCoy read aloud a portion of that deposition.

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