Oscar Robertson calls Russell Westbrook the 'triple-double king'

Oscar Robertson had no firm plans for Wednesday night.

Sure, Russell Westbrook and his Oklahoma City Thunder were set to face the Memphis Grizzlies in a game that was wrought with Robertson-related historical implications. The Thunder star entered play with the chance to surpass Robertson on the list of most-ever triple-doubles in a single season (41), while also needing 16 assists to clinch a triple-double average for the entire season and thus join that one-man club “Big O” started back in 1962.

But Robertson, the 78-year-old Hall of Famer who still lives in Cincinnati, made his mind up about Westbrook a long time ago. He didn’t need to tune in to be reminded that Westbrook is every bit as good as his hype.

“Who are they playing tonight?” Robertson, who had no plans to watch, told USA TODAY Sports in a phone interview. “Well I think he had the 41 (triple-doubles) already, and I hope he gets the 16 assists, and so you’ll be talking about Russ now being the triple double king.

“But he has taken…

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