On the Runway: Neon Makes a Point at the U.S. Open


Nike’s fluorescent green, worn by the American player Ryan Harrison.

Santiago Mejia/The New York Times

Blame it on its proximity to New York Fashion Week, which officially starts on Thursday (unofficially, it starts on Wednesday), but the U.S. Open (which started last week) has always attracted a disproportionate amount of style scrutiny. It tends to focus on ways in which tennis imitates fashion, with players calling center court their “runway,” discussing their “evening dress” and acknowledging their awareness of trends. But for anyone who spent the holiday weekend watching the tournament at Arthur Ashe Stadium, there’s been a lesson in fashion to take away from the tennis — especially when it comes to the athleisure end.

Put simply: There is danger in too much neon.

It has been a slow creep over the last few tournaments, with fluorescent shades popping up at the Australian Open, receding slightly for the French Open and disappearing entirely in the sea of Wimbledon white. You can understand it: Neon has always had a certain attraction for the…

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