NBA draft boom or bust possibilities

Each year, the NBA draft is littered with players who are labeled as “boom or bust” prospects. Simply put, depending on how they develop over the course of their career, these type of players could turn out to be great, or they could turn out to be disappointments.

This year is no exception. In fact, with so much uncertainty after the top 2 picks in the 2016 draft, there are a lot of players whose careers could go in either direction. Who are some of the players in the 2016 draft with the most uncertainty around them?

Marquese Chriss, power forward, Washington

The NBA likes to describe guys as “quick twitch” athletes, with quick reaction time along with explosiveness combining to create a force on the court.

Chriss fits that description. Standing 6-feet-9, Chriss uses his quickness, leaping ability, and length to alter shots at the rim and finish emphatic dunks, both in transition and in the half court off of lobs. He cuts to the basket, and putbacks from offensive rebounds. Chriss makes his high-soaring feats look…

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