Green argues why Melo is better than 64th in NBA

We’ve been over this countless times, everyone. [Does best Rodney Dangerfield voice] Carmelo Anthony gets no respect, I tell ya.

ESPN’s latest #NBArank list had Lonzo Ball among the players who were ahead of the New York Knicks star (ranked 64th), something that angered people including Stephen A. Smith and Anthony himself.

Count Draymond Green in the list of critics as well. The Golden State Warriors forward had this to say about Anthony’s ranking to ESPN:

I think when you look at Melo, Melo has been a great player in this league for some time now. Obviously, I think no one thinks that he’s the Melo he was five years ago, and that happens to everyone. That’s just the nature of the career that we’ve all chosen. At some point, you start to slow down and you’re not who you once were. So, I’m not going to sit here and lie and act like he is the Melo he was five years ago, but the 64th-best player in the NBA? All right, five years ago he was maybe sixth. He ain’t [expletive] 64 [now].

I’m a firm believer in guys earning what they get, and I know he’s earned more than a 64. And when you see rookies coming in who haven’t played a game, that’s just clear-cut disrespect. You’ve got guys…

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