Doc on election: 'Don't get mad, go do something'

USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick discusses the red-hot start for the Los Angeles Clippers and how it’s been years in the making to get to this point.

LOS ANGELES — Doc Rivers has faith in Donald Trump — sort of.

The Los Angeles Clippers coach who has long since become a voice of social reason in the NBA tried to bring a sense of calm to an explosive situation before Wednesday’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, imploring critics of the new President Elect to have faith in the American system. Rivers knows Trump on a personal level, having golfed and dined with him in the past by way of a mutual friend, but made it clear long ago that he was supporting Hillary Clinton in the election.

“Listen, Donald Trump is going to be fine, all right, as President,” Rivers said. “That’s something I never thought I’d have to say, honestly. But at the end of the day he will be because I just believe America overall works. There’s a Congress and a Senate and it’s gonna work…

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