Bazemore gets what he wants, matchup with LeBron

Ray Glier, Special for USA TODAY Sports
6:36 p.m. EDT April 30, 2016

ATLANTA — Kent Bazemore is back on stage with LeBron James. There will likely be a shove here and a glare there when the Eastern Conference semifinals between Atlanta and Cleveland start Monday night. Bazemore, the Atlanta Hawks guard, has called James names and shoved the superstar when James tried to walk into his space.

Bazemore tried to dunk on James on April 1 and hit the floor while flipped on his back in a scary fall.

“Whatever helps you wake up in the morning,” Bazemore said explaining his past antagonism toward James. “He’s obviously one of the greatest players ever to play the game. You’ve got to amp yourself up. You can’t go in, you know, humble. You’ve got to make yourself angry. You’ve got to do whatever you’ve got to do to accept that challenge because he’s a freight train, he’s brings it. You have to do the same to hang in there.”

Bazemore is 6-foot-5 and his listed weight is 201 pounds. James is 6-8, 250. Bazemore, among…

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