Armour: Cubs fans scared at tempting fate

With the longest championship drought in American professional sports, the Cubs have seen a lot change since they last won the World Series, in 1908. 

CHICAGO — The streets surrounding Wrigley Field are lined with banners bearing the Cubs logo, flags including a “W,” and signs outside several of the neighborhood bars confidently proclaim that “History Starts Now.”

Cubs gear has replaced that of the Bulls, Blackhawks and, yes, the Bears as the city’s uniform. Even fans of other teams, from other cities, find themselves making pilgrimages to the North Side, hoping to make even the smallest claim to history.

“People are excited for the postseason. They’re excited to see them, hopefully, get to the World Series and finally break this curse,” said Sean McNeill, one of the partners at Sports World, an apparel shop across the street from Wrigley.

And yet, that euphoria is accompanied by an undeniable undercurrent of angst for Cubs fans. After a lifetime – and more – of disappointment, it’s almost too good to be true that this might finally be…

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