Argentinian company takes aim at LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand


LaVar Ball says a lot out controversial things. Here are his most outlandish comments from the past few weeks.

The founders of the Argentinian streetwear and lifestyle company, Baller Brand, called LaVar Ball a “thief” in an Instagram post on Friday, although a legal expert told USA TODAY Sports that Ball’s Big Baller Brand isn’t in any legal danger.

Diego and Leandro Franco, brothers who founded the company in 2006, claim LaVar Ball, the father of UCLA product and future NBA draftee Lonzo Ball, stole the brand name by just adding “Big.” They added that LaVar Ball “wasn’t creative enough to create his own brand name (and) just took ours.”

“We are a company that started from ground zero 11 years ago,” the Franco brothers told USA TODAY Sports. They said they have hired legal counsel in Buenos Aires and are deliberating about how to move forward. “We have many proofs (of photos) that we (have been) doing this way before LaVar.”

LaVar Ball first applied for the Big Ball Brand trademark in September 2016 and it…

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